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Employment Equity

Aprix Construction recognizes that the implementation of economic empowerment to the previously disadvantaged and employment equity programs are integral to the process of transformation, and that such transformation will bring about a better future for all.


Aprix Construction holds Professional Indemnity Insurances for both construction and engineering services. We are determined in ensuring our clients are well assured of the services provided.


Our vision is to strategically create measurable value for our clients so that we can maintain continuous mutually beneficial relationships. We believe in inspiring the market to look at things differently, achieving this process requires bold leadership and courage – we believe that when we, together with our clients have that courage to trust new ideas, positive bottom line results can be achieved, ensuring maximum and best results in everything we do.


We strive to develop, implement and manage sustainable cost effective solutions. We are driven by the need to alleviate poverty, achieving this through infrastructure developments creates employment and opportunities to others.


About Aprix Construction and why we are Best for the Job

From conception to project completion, Aprix is one of the best construction companies that Gauteng has to offer. Dynamic, dedicated and determined, Aprix delivers the full spectrum of construction services – civil and consulting engineering as well as project management.

Over the years, Aprix has left its stamp on the Gauteng construction landscape. Its ground-breaking plans have transformed new property developments with quality buildings. Apart from building residential homes, Aprix is also an infrastructure construction company. It has the know-how to design, build and oversee civil engineering projects such as large-scale commercial developments and road networks.


Aprix ground-breaking plans have transformed new property developments with quality buildings.

Aprix is a proud member of several recognised South African construction regulatory bodies, including the National Home Builders Registration Council. It is also a member of eight construction and civil engineering and project management regulatory bodies. Among these are the Consulting Engineers South Africa, the South African Institute of Civil Engineers, and the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions.

Aprix Construction is a go-getter company, staying abreast with changing times.

  1. It endeavours to implement economic empowerment with its employment equity programme.
  2. It strives to create measurable value for its clients.
  3. It works to develop, implement and manage cost-effective solutions that will outlive the client as part of our legacy.

No matter the project, Aprix Construction is there to serve. Whether it’s a low-budget housing project, an upmarket turnkey residential home, or a commercial development, Aprix Construction will ensure cost-effective and professional service across the board.


Aprix is one of the Top Civil Engineering and Construction Companies in Gauteng

Aprix is a Gauteng-based construction company has left an indelible mark on the property landscape. It is recognised as a leading property developer in South Africa.

The name, Aprix, is synonymous with top-quality civil engineering and construction services. It is an ISO 9001 certified civil and electrical engineering service company. This is a quality management system (QMS) compliant with international standards, enabling Aprix to provide the highest quality services.



Aprix is a registered construction company

As civil engineers, Aprix is a registered construction company with membership to professional organisations such as:

  • CESA – Consulting Engineers South Africa
  • ECSA – Engineering Council of South Africa
  • SAICE – South African Institute of Civil Engineers
  • PMSA – Project Management South Africa
  • IMESA – Institute of Municipal Engineering of South Africa
  • SARF – South African Road Federation
  • SACPCMP – The South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions
  • EIZ – Engineering Institution of Zambia


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Civil Engineering

The civil engineering division of the company provides project planning from start to finish, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical investigations
  • Scope reports including identification and finalisation
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Sewer systems and water reticulation
  • Road designs and rehabilitation
  • Housing and township development


Construction companies in South Africa.

When discussing construction companies in South Africa, Aprix is at the forefront of residential developments. It has aligned itself with construction practices demanded in the South African regulatory guidelines and is a registered member of:

  • National Home Builders Registration Council
  • Gauteng Master Builders Association
  • Construction Industry Development Board

Aprix operates within the framework outlined by the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act (No. 95 of 1998), and maintains strict ethical practices to protect consumer interests.

Aprix Construction is recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost reputable building companies. Its years of professional experience enable it to undertake any building project, be it affordable housing, turnkey luxury accommodation or multi-million-rand commercial developments.


Learn what it takes to make the list of turnkey construction companies.

The biggest drawcard of buying a home from a turnkey property developer is that the entire burden of the project is his. After signing a contract, all the client has to do is to wait for the completion of the project, turn the key and move right in. Turnkey construction companies, like Aprix, has a proven business model, eliminating all risk and uncertainty from the joint venture.



There are many pros to attract homeowners to opt for a turnkey property. These include building contractors, like Aprix Construction, that manage and supervise the erection of the home from start to finish.




Reduced Timelines

Turnkey building contractors are not only responsible for the construction work but also for the design of the construction project. This enables them to procure materials and appoint sub-contractors once designs are finalised. Projects are finished sooner because valuable time is saved with early procurement of workmen and materials.


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Saving You Money

With a turnkey project, the onus falls on the property developer. Construction industry turnkey developers, like Aprix, carry all the responsibility for unforeseen costs, like price hikes for materials. That is because the buyer is only responsible for the original lump sum negotiated and agreed upon in the original project contract.


Why Turnkey is Also a Large Project Solution

The turnkey construction industry offers a sensible solution in the development of retail and industrial properties.



Large construction projects, particularly for the retail and industrial sectors, are complicated. Companies can save valuable time and money by appointing a turnkey building contractor, like Aprix, to undertake the responsibility and management of every aspect of the project. Aprix Construction, with its experienced team of professionals, knows how to side-step problems and to avoid unnecessary on-site delays.



Clients always have open lines of communication to turnkey building contractors. This is an essential element of the construction progress process.



Quality Control

Turnkey construction has in-built quality control measures such as required permit and the creation of a safe working environment.


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The development of retail and industrial projects that are undertaken by turnkey contractors are cost-effective because the buck stops with them and not the client.


Why Aprix?

Aprix Construction is a recognised turnkey Gauteng construction company with a track record on which clients can rely.